Okay – I did not do a real great job keeping the availability up to date this season – it is amazing how once it gets started, time just gets away from us. Over the last few weeks I have been thinking about different things to do with this blog in addition to being an update site for the produce. Through social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook I stumble across great statistics and ideas regarding food, nutrition, recipes, agriculture, etc. so I have decided to start posting some of the things I find here. So if you will indulge me here is the first post.

The eggplants are one thing that we grow and get a lot of questions about. What to do with them and how to prepare them? It is so much fun to be here and listen to all of you share your ideas with each other and us. Yesterday Food Network posted the following tweet @_FoodNetwork All about eggplant:

There is a great list of recipes and things to do with eggplant. Also, Florida Department of Agriculutre has a great printable brochure about eggplant to look at too.

Have fun!!