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Dasher Farm is a family owned and operated farm located in the heart of Suwannee County, FL.

As a fourth generation farmer, Randall Dasher has farmed in Suwannee County, FL all his life.  In 1977 Randall built a seed processing plant in which he has become the most known for.  There he still processes small grains such as bahiagrass, rye and iron-clay peas.

In 1986 in an effort to diversify his operation, Randall built his first hydroponic greenhouse, to grow tomatoes.  Since then Randall has built a total of eight greenhouses on his farm and has grown lettuce, cut flowers and most recently culinary herbs.  Known to many as an innovator, Randall continually works to make his systems as efficient as possible and never shies away from growing and trying something new.

Randall has travelled as a consultant aiding others in building greenhouses and modifying their systems and is know for the quality products that come from his greenhouses.  He also has opened the doors of his farm numerous times to groups for tours and classes.

Even though she always had helped and had jobs on the farm, at the age of 15, Randall’s daughter, Sarah, actively became a part of the operation when on an idea from her father, she purchased a John Deere combine and began custom harvesting bahiagrass seed for producers in the area.

Sarah earned a Bachelors degree in Agricultural Communications from the University of Florida and worked in public relations in the citrus industry before marrying and returning home and once again joining her father in their farming operation.

Today, the two maintain the seed processing plant along with vegetable and herb production.  Randall and wife Pam, live on the family farming operation in McAlpin.  Sarah and her husband William, who also farms, live on their farm with their two daughters, Maddie and Lindsleigh.

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